Letting Your Pet Go in Comfort

What is The Proceedure?


     The first thing that will be done is to give your pet an injection of a strong sedative. This is a relatively small volume of liquid that does not sting and the greatest majority of the time your pet will not even be aware that anything is being done expect being petted and scratched on his neck

     It will then take about 5-10 minutes for your pet to get progressively sleepier, and ultimately lay down to take a very deep and restful nap.

     Once a level of sedation has been achieved in which your pet is no longer responsive to external stimulation, a small area of hair will be shaved in order to be able to easily visualize a vein. This will usually be on one of the back legs so that Dr. Teague will be away from your pet’s head allowing family members to be with your pet while the euthanasia solution is being administered.

     It will take about a minute to give the entire amount of the euthanasia solution. By that time brain wave activity will have shut down entirely and all breathing will have stopped.

     After that, Dr. Teague will use either a basket (for small pets) or a stretcher (for larger pets) to move your pet to his vehicle if your elect to have him take care of cremation arrangements.

     Either private cremation, in which you will receive just your pet’s ashes, or group cremation, in which you will not receive any ashes, is available.